Château de Maubreuil
Journey of the senses

Michelin-starred-chefs arrived in Maubreuil

Thanks to a unique concept, discover a new destination every 6 months.
Our gastronomic restaurant offers a full charm to every gourmet. You will be fulfilled with the very elegant presentation of the world-inspired dishes such as the original savours in your mouths.


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Our guests from June to September

Giovanni Grasso & Igor Macchia

Working together since 1996, starred by the Michelin guide in 2006, Giovanni and Igor constitute a duo in an exceptional harmony. Both of them are passionate by cooking from their childhood, they tell :
“To me, Giovanni, my mother has been the spur. Very young, I was already looking at her juggle with confidence and enthusiasm in the middle of the stove. I could feel her joy, it has been a real revelation for me.”
Whereas to Igor, the spark comes from his father “The most gentle memory I've, is linked to my father that cooked at home each Saturday morning. I remember standing to his side, to feel, to smell, to create, to share, to offer…”
Their creativity, their curiosity and their travels enhanced their know-how year after year. Their meeting was evidence… Their alchemy appeared very quickly. 20 years later, they are still working together, in the same way, pulled away by the love of good products, sharing and excellence… for us, for you.

Château de Maubreuil
Current suggestions
Food & Wine Pairing
Our sommeliers reveal one of our pairings

Mexican Nebbiolo 2014 & Pigeon de Mesquer

The Mexican Nebbiolo 2014 comes from the Guadalupe Valley in Baja California.
The aromatic intensity of candied fruit and woodiness makes it a perfect partner for
our pigeon supreme and its raviole of characterful juice.
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Château de Maubreuil
Château de Maubreuil
Sustainable cooking

The Farm of Maubreuil

In Maubreuil, getting closer to our surroundings is part of our philosophy. Step by step, we surround ourselves with producers who respect our beautiful planet, with local and seasonal products.
To support this approach, we have created our own farm where we produce old vegetables and rare herbs.

Château de Maubreuil
Inebriation of the palate

The Cave

In order to sublimate this privileged moment, our wine waiter invites you to follow this culinary experience with the most beautiful bottles from France and overseas.

Château de Maubreuil
Château de Maubreuil
Château de Maubreuil
Château de Maubreuil

The Bar

From this place, all nice meetings of the Château de Maubreuil start. Through a wintery afternoon or during a warm evening of summer, come in to enjoy our tea-time area, our bar or our terrace covered with centenary sweet-chestnut trees.
Comfortably seated in a very cosy armchair next to the firewood, our barman will be at your disposal to assist you choose among his creations. Few bubbles, a very famous Bourbon from our private cave, a fresh homemade cocktail… Our drinks menu will surprise you.