Château de Maubreuil


Portrait of Tam, receptionist at Château de Maubreuil 

From your arrival at the Château to the smallest detail of your stay, she strives to make each visit to Maubreuil an incredible experience and an unforgettable memory. Almost 27 years old, Tam, our receptionist, has a sense of welcome, a taste for sharing, and a natural empathy that allows her to listen to your every need. Meet Tam, receptionist at the Château de Maubreuil, near Nantes, who joined our team a few months ago.  

Tam arrived in France three years ago to study for a master's degree in International Hospitality Management at the University of Angers. She is originally from Vietnam, where she studied tourism before working as a flight attendant and receptionist in five-star hotels. Travelling has always been in her blood. So, for her, the Château de Maubreuil was an obvious choice: "From the rooms of the 5-star hotel to the kitchens of the gourmet restaurant and the 5 Worlds Spa, everything here is designed to give our guests the experience of a journey out of space and out of time. I immediately felt at home here," she recalls.

Receiving guests, answering the phone, managing emails, inspecting rooms or even looking for activities: concierge services are a rich and varied job that requires great versatility. "We are a human-sized establishment with 14 rooms within the hotel. Everything is done so that we can take care of each of our guests, so that we are present at every stage of their stay, so that we can share with them the secrets and magic of this place rich in history. Some residents may live just a stone's throw away but come for a special occasion to enjoy a break or a trip; these moments are precious. We make sure their experience is perfect."  

"Working at Château de Maubreuil is also a constant source of wonder: every day I discover something new, a little detail I hadn't noticed. With the arrival of summer, the sun's rays that penetrate the Château's subdued atmosphere offer us a new perspective, allowing us to appreciate the many works of art with a different eye. It is a place that lives and changes season after season, where there is always something to discover," she concludes.

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