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Discovering our permaculture vegetable garden

At Château de Maubreuil, every season is an opportunity to discover the riches nature has to offer. In the heart of 14 hectares of greenery redesigned to create themed gardens, an aviary, an orchard, vineyards and a citrus grove, for the past year our team of gardeners has been working on a permaculture mandala vegetable garden, where fruit and vegetables mingle in joyful balance.

Inspired by Hindu and Buddhist culture, in which the Sanskrit word "Mandala" means "sacred circle", the mandala is seen as a tool for meditation and contemplation. The Mandala vegetable garden is an adaptation of this concept, creating a garden organized in concentric circles, conducive to meditation and reflection.

The garden has been designed with the help of a system of tubs and metal flat iron to facilitate the management and maintenance of the crop beds. It is managed as a living soil vegetable garden, so as not to turn the soil over, but to always add matter so that the soil becomes mineralized and can be transformed into organic matter. The vegetable garden is controlled by an automated drip system, with a spout for each planting bed to manage the quantity of water per square metre.

In our permaculture mandala vegetable garden, our gardeners have chosen to increase the number of plant varieties and species per square metre, with the aim of promoting biodiversity and encouraging symbiosis between plants.

As a result, we limit our maintenance, weeding and pest control.

This summer, edible flowers, herbs, tomatoes, zucchinis, beet, peas and broad beans are being grown in the kitchen garden. These different varieties are then transformed by our kitchen team into delicious dishes to be enjoyed in our gourmet restaurant.

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Marion Plu

April 13, 2024

Nous avons fait une séance massage en duo.accueil très chaleureux, explications très claires, accompagnements adorables, massages divins, dans un environnement magnifique. Nous avons passé un merveilleuse moment,...

Brigitte Blary

April 10, 2024

Très jolie cadre jardin à visité spa à faire trop bien le duo (Translated by Google) Very pretty garden setting visited spa to do the duo too well

frédéric rouesné

April 7, 2024

Brunch excellent dans un superbe cadre (Translated by Google) Excellent brunch in a superb setting

Jen Trowbridge

April 7, 2024

This place was amazing and it was not even the glorious summer time! The service, ambiance, food, comfort were top notch! My husband and I walked the grounds and were delighted by the creativity and interesting layout...

Jean-Claude Tessier

April 6, 2024

Magnifique pause hors du temps pour notre anniversaire de mariage (Translated by Google) Magnificent timeless break for our wedding anniversary

Larry Smith

April 5, 2024

Excellent !!! 1-l’accueil 2-la sympathie 3-le professionnalisme 4- la disponibilité et le service Un grand merci pour ce moment que j’ai pu avoir avec mon épouse pour nos 9 ans de mariage. Un grand merci pour la suite...

shankar Krishnamoorthy

April 2, 2024

An excellent weekend

Simon Benoit

April 1, 2024

Super chasse a l’œuf au château de Maubreuil, malgré un temps assez mitigé. L'idée de mettre des "faux œufs" a échanger pour avoir "les vrais" était très bonnes. Le parc est toujours aussi agréable. L'organisation...

Aurélien Laurent

April 1, 2024

Chasse aux œufs désastreuse. Organisation inexistante. Les gens ne respectent pas les consignes de ne ramasser que 4 oeufs résultat ma fille n'en a jamais eu 4. Pour les prochaines éditions, faire comme guerlais,...

Beatrice Brunaud

March 31, 2024

Très bon séjour , cadre exceptionnel, le personnel est à l'ecoute,très sympathique En ce qui concerne le massage, très très bon moment de détente idéal pour se détendre . Merci à tous. (Translated by Google) Very...



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