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The Laughing Buddha, protector of the Castle

The Laughing Buddha, protector of the Castle

At the Château de Maubreuil, we cultivate cultural and artistic richness thanks to original works brought back from the five corners of the globe. This month, discover the history and the symbolism of the Laughing Buddha, a work unearthed by Philippe, the owner of the Château, who has at heart to highlight the art of the world.

It was during a trip to Shanghai, through the Dongtai Street antique market, that the Laughing Buddha caught Philippe's eye. In the heart of this renowned outdoor market, the numerous antiques and rare pieces on display have been the delight of the concierge services of major hotels for many years. After a quick negotiation, for fear of missing his flight back to France, Philippe acquired the Laughing Buddha in only 3 minutes. 

A real work of art, this Buddha is nearly 150 years old and was made from a single trunk of "red sandalwood", an exotic tree that is several thousand years old. A delicate and harmonious sculpture that measures 1.2 meters and weighs 180 kilos. This Buddha is the perfect illustration of authentic craftsmanship. 

The Laughing Buddha, also known as Budai, Hotei or Chinese Buddha, is the representation of a Buddhist monk who lived over 1000 years ago. A great traveler, he spread his good humor throughout the lands of Asia. His benevolence and his joy of living made him very popular, until he became an emblematic character in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions. 
Joy of living, happiness, generosity and wealth... Many are the symbols that represent him. The laughing Buddha is a happy and uninhibited person, a true allegory of self-acceptance. The scorpion on his chest is synonymous of protection, it protects its holder from bad luck and curses. With its many symbolic meanings, this Buddha watches over the Château de Maubreuil and its visitors.

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patrick rabillard

November 27, 2022

Excellent repas en famille ce samedi midi dans un cadre magnifique (Translated by Google) Excellent family meal this Saturday afternoon in a magnificent setting

Emmanuel Lambert

November 27, 2022

Endroit superbe pour un brunch dominical, superbe décorations, œuvres d'art, personnel au top. (Translated by Google) Superb place for a Sunday brunch, superb decorations, works of art, top staff.

François Paitier

November 27, 2022

Moment de bonheur et de plaisir pour les cinq sens entouré d'une équipe merveilleuse (Translated by Google) Moment of happiness and pleasure for the five senses surrounded by a wonderful team

Anaïs Avril

November 22, 2022

personnel accueillant, demeure splendide, nous avons passé un très bon moment :) (Translated by Google) welcoming staff, splendid residence, we had a great time :)

marie christine BROSSEAUD

November 22, 2022

Nous sommes venus déjeuner a la table du Marquis....Quel ravissement pour les papilles, un service impeccable, un accueil très chaleureux , un moment de grâce Nous y reviendrons sûrement BRAVO à toute l equipe (Translated...

Francoise Botterel

November 20, 2022

Un endroit magique surtout à l'approche de Noel. Des chambres très connectées, peut être un peu trop (personne ne connaissait le code de la tablette de la chambre...) Un spa fabuleux, un bar magnifique qui mérite...

Mattéo Picherie

November 20, 2022

Service nickel, repas de très grande qualité. Décor d’exception. Très belle expérience (Translated by Google) Excellent service, very high quality meals. Exceptional decor. Very nice experience

olivier QUERIC

November 18, 2022

Cadre exceptionnel et très convivial pour un seminaire (Translated by Google) Exceptional and very friendly setting for a seminar

Catherine Savi

November 13, 2022

Nous avons passé un merveilleux week-end au Château de Maubreuil. La décoration, les jardins, les chambres magnifiques vous transportent dans un rêve éveillé. La table est aussi excellente, ce qui ne gâche rien. Petit...

pat vas

November 13, 2022

Très beau jardin en pleine évolution (Translated by Google) Beautiful growing garden



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