Château de Maubreuil



Light on : "The pair of busts" by Friedrich Goldscheider


At the Château de Maubreuil, Art is everywhere. A place of inspiration and relaxation, the five-star hotel is full of works of art gathered by the owners, who are true art lovers. At the edge of Nantes, each room and suite of this exceptional hotel reveals a unique themed destination and is filled with treasures from all over the world, all inviting you to travel. Focus this month on "The Pair of Busts", a work by Friedrich Goldscheider.


At the turn of a hallway, you will probably come face to face with one of the Castle's most prominent figures. The piercing look and the confident posture of this man will surely not leave you indifferent. His stare is far away, as if absorbed in his thoughts, almost absent, and still he inhabits the room with his presence. "The pair of busts" is a work by Friedrich Goldscheider from 1897. It was originally composed of a male and a female bust, but it is very rare to find the complete pair of this piece, the female bust has been copied many times. You will therefore only see the male version of the bust, a 47 cm terracotta sculpture of orientalist and africanist inspiration. During your stay, you will be able to discover, in the many rooms of the Château, about twenty pieces by this artist that the owners are particularly attached to, found at various antique shops and auctions.


Born in 1845 in Western Bohemia, which corresponds to the present Czech Republic, Friedrich Goldscheider is recognized as one of the most important producers of terracotta art. For almost 60 years, he created with his children, in Austria, Germany, France, England and the United States, companies manufacturing faience, porcelain, bronzes, and terracotta, before launching into ceramic art sculpture. His works are now internationally renowned and are the subject of numerous collections around the world.

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